At Jooma, we not only have a passion for great coffee but also for great food.
We believe in artfully creating delicious tasting food that is handcrafted and

Life advice: never work before


Basic Breakfast

R 68

2 fried eggs, streaky bacon, grilled tomato, sourdough toast.

Banting Granola

R 85

Roasted nuts, seeds and coconut, blueberries, full cream artisanal yoghurt

Jooma Muesli

R 78
Berry coulis, house made muesli, full cream artisanal yoghurt.

Scrambled egg Deluxe

R 80
Scrambled eggs, cream cheese, spring onion. Streaky bacon, grilled tomato, sourdough toast.

Banting Breakfast

R 90
2 fried eggs, streaky bacon, caramelised mushrooms, (xylitol) fresh avocado.

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg

R 115
Served on sourdough toast with capers, cream cheese, herbed olive oil.

If you would prefer your eggs poached, please ask when ordering.

Check out our wraps and open sandwiches for other breakfast selections.

All you need is love and a tasty


Smashed avocado and feta

R 90
Open Sandwich

Perfectly ripe avocado, creamy Danish feta, black pepper and lemon on sourdough.

Parma ham and honey glazed figs

R 102
Open Sandwich

Fresh rocket and balsamic syrup on sourdough.

Chicken, bacon, avocado

R 104
Open Sandwich

Baked sliced chicken breast, streaky bacon, fresh avocado, crispy garden salad, basil mayo.

Bacon, avocado, feta panini

R 99
Closed sandwich

Rocket and herbed mayo.

Tuna mayo

R 85
Toasted sarmie

Grated mozzarella, jalapeno’s, sourdough, served with salad

Chicken Mayo

R 88
Toasted sarmie

On sourdough, served with salad


R 94
Toasted sarmie

Baked sliced chicken breast, gypsy ham, spiced pepperonata sauce, mozzarella, grana padano, garden salad

Our sandwiches are lightly toasted and served on white, whole wheat or sourdough bread unless otherwise specified.

Our sourdough may contain nuts or seeds, please check with your server if you have allergies.

Food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience


Hummus, avo, feta

R 95
Crisp lettuce, cucumber, carrots, house mayo.

Asian chilli chicken

R 99
Chicken breast, garden salad, coriander, pickled ginger, chinese mayo, house citrus sweet chilli sauce.

Summer Wrap

R 110
Chicken, avocado, hummus, feta, toasted almonds and cranberries.